Outside Broadcast


Experienced rigger with a full, clean HGV licence and a 'can-do' attitude available for all your events.

Nothing too big — With a history of working on 'lower league' football, speedway and horseracing, I'm quite used to rigging all sorts of grounds completely - not just the distance from the truck to the nearby cabinet!   Speedway has ensured that I can handle any amount of muck and mud and still carry on!

Nothing too small — You might not have a lot of cable to put in, however in handing that task to me leaves them - or you - free to concentrate on the PPU, cameras and clients — essential for those city jobs with incredibly tight timescales.

Working in the corporate arena, I have a technical working knowledge of similar (and at times, identical) equipment to that used in broadcast — not just 'where the wires go', and am quite able to give a hand 'in the field' when needed.

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Corporate Events


A competent and experienced technician available for all of your corporate events.

While specialising in the smaller shows with a minimal crew, I am also available for events where, as a video and presentation technician, I am part of a much larger crew.

Being fully conversent in all versions of PowerPoint, and posessing a good working knowledge of Keynote and Impress, your presentations are safe in my hands.

Client confidentiality and my attention to detail mean that your events may well be talked about, but not by me!

A clean driving licence for vehicles from cars to the largest HGVs, along with a knowledge of many venues in both the UK and Europe mean that you can send me anywhere in just about anything safe in the knowledge that I'll arrive; and with a clear CRB, you can be assured that there will be no difficulty getting me in either.